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Lady And A Pies Inc. - "A Taste Of the South...From the North"
 Welcome To Lady And A Pies Inc.“Hearty Home Cookin, & Baking ”
Strawberry Marble Cake w/ Creme Cheese Frosting 
Red & Blue Velvet Cupcakes---Crave Cupcakes-Lacey  Buy Cakes, Eat, Get Drunk, (don't drive!)
Drink & Be Merry!         
Let Us Cater For U on St. Patrick's Day,Tuesday, March 17th, 2015  
Get Drunk, Drink Green Beer! Don't Drive Drunk
Chocolate Strawberry Cake by Lacey
Listen to Beezy's Newest Album! Send In Your Donations!
Delicious Choco-Strawberry Cake For Valentine's Day Dessert!
Let Us Get the Party started For You! Purchase Your Foods, Cupcakes, Liquor Cakes, Candies, Brownies, & More--Order NOW or If You Forget & Need Something Last Minute---CONTACT US!
Delicious Mini-Loaf Cake/Fudge Assortment Tray
Cake Tray by Lady And A Pies Inc.Let Us Prepare All Of Your Savory Dinners & Organic Cakes, Cobblers & Pies!   
We Cater All  Affairs, Graduations, Proms, Convention Parties, Boardroom Affairs, Sex Parties (Sexy Girls, Guys or BOTH available), Showers, Receptions, Picnics, Church Affairs & More!
                                NEED A PENIS OR VAGINA? Ask Us!
Delicious Moist, Decadent 12+ inch penis Cake- Feels Lifelike! 
Fondant Cakes Only Ship NEXT DAY AIR!             
Order NOW-Lacey's Fondant Cake Creations~Delicious XXX-Rated, & Specialty Fondant Cakes! She can create Penis's, Vagina's, Tits, Clits, Buttocks & More! (Must be 18+ to Order XXX-rated creations)
Big Pretty Yummy Moist Decadent Penis Cake- Feels REAL!
Penis On A Platter(all colors avail.)By Lacey
Let Lacey Create Your XXX-Rated Fantasy!
Custom Fondant Cakes
Call: Lacey@313-409-6460                                                                                                        
WE Cater To All Your Needs, Last Minute Emergencies, DON'T PANIC! We Have You Covered!
(Emergencies require EXTRA charges, LIMITED AREA DELIVERIES!)
"Show Your Love With A Delicious Homemade Organic Old-Fashioned Cake From Us!"                                                         
Let's Celebrate with Good Food, Desserts, Drinks, Pretty People
& Parties!
 Order Your Cakes, Let Us Ship or Deliver Them
Let Us Design Your Custom Fondant Cakes! Prices start at $50 & UP!                                                                                                                           
 We Bake 20+ Different Pound Cake Flavors~ All-Organic &/or All Natural!  Delicious & Moist!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
   Delicious Buttery Rum Pound Cake-"This Will Melt In Your Mouth!"
Delicious Buttery151 Rum Pound Cake                                                                                                                                  
If it is hard for even a good person to saved, what will happen to the one who is against God and full of sin?
Proverbs 11:31                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
    Organic Fresh Lemon Pound cake w/Lemon Glaze                       Organic "Fresh Squeezed" Lemon Pound cake w/Lemon Glaze
                  Let Us Bake Your Graduation, Picnic & More Cakes
L et Us Bake, Cook, Fry or Barbecue Something Delicious for You and Your Guests! We strive to be the best! 
Crave Cupcake's~Ready To Take Your Orders!
Moist & Delicious, Made from Scratch! Order Yours Today!
 Ask About Our NEW Cake Flavors~ "Get Your Buzz On" with a Ciroc Cake or Cupcakes!
 Custom Cakes~ Place Your Orders Now for Holiday Delivery!
Custom Birthday CAKE- GET YOURS TODAY! 
Need Good Elegant Organic Southern Cooking? Last minute OK!
Designed By Lacey---Little Mermaid Custom Cake

Call Us! 
"Let Them All Eat Cake"
         Our Cakes are also Available in Mini-Sizes for ONLY $25.00 each! (Feeds 4-6 guests)                                  
Sander's Caramel Candy cakeLet Us Cater All Of Your Parties!
Chocolate Chicago Pole Dancer Cake
Cherry Chocolate Blue Pecan CakeFresh Granny Smith Apple Pie        
"Warm,comforting, southern desserts & foods reminiscent of the Sunday  dinners at Grandma's house"
10% off All Large (50+) Catered Orders (If Paid in Cash)
"Our Passions Are Cooking, Baking & Serving All Of Your Party Needs!"
We NOW Bake Designer Cakes of All Sizes and Styles & Fillings With Delicious Handmade Marshmallow or Butter-cream Fondant~Contact Us & Give Us Your Concept or Let Us Create A Gorgeous Cake For You! (Custom Cakes Designed & Baked By-Lacey)
We Use ONLY Pure Organic Butter, Cream, Eggs, Organic white & wheat flours, Organic Sugar & Fruits in all of our Desserts!
If You See An Item that You want-Let Us send you an Invoice for your item! We Bake/Cook/Fry/Barbeque/
Enjoy a "Taste Of the South...From the North"
XXX-Rated Cakes Baked to Your Order, Let Us Know what Organs, Body Parts You want your cakes baked as! We do any X-rated cakes! Contact Us For these Cakes! 
                                                                                                            Heather's Blue Pearl Cupcakes
Heather's Blue Pearl Cupcakes
Let Us Cater ALL of  Your Parties!
Need Dinner, Cake or Cakes in A Hurry? Call Us~ Delivered the Same Day of Your Call!
Pretty n Pink w/ hand designed cupcakes   We Deliver To Your Workplace Hot, Fresh  Food/Dessert/Soup/Salad--In Time For Lunch!
Old-Fashioned Caramel cake
Guaranteed Good Food & FAST Delivery! Call Us First!
Aged Whiskey Barrel Cake
1-800-571-6125  Or 734-386-9622     
Buy All Of Your Holiday Dinners, Cakes, Pies, Cookies & More From "Lady And A Pies Inc." We Specialize in Delicious, Fresh, Organic and All-Natural Ingredients in Each and Everyone of Our Creations. Everything is made "Fresh To Order---(except for the Fruitcakes) Try Us And Taste the Difference!                                                                                                                 
"We Cater Fresh Foods To YOU!"    
                                  FULL SIZED CAKES~Out of State SHIPPING IS ONLY $11.30  VIA PRIORITY OR BUY 2 or More
                                                             "NOW" Shipping within Michigan is only $14.30"
                         Need Elegant Organic Southern Desserts and Comfort Foods?
          We Deliver Everyday~Holidays Incl.(Holiday Delivery Extra)      
                       Let Us Cater All Of Your  Parties(Deposit req.)
             Old- Fashioned All-Butter Pound cake                                                                          
                                              Buttery Pound Cake
                                                       Contact Shiina @ ext. 103  to place your international orders!
                                                    Commercial Orders Welcome!
                                                                                                 Got A Question/Problem and Need to talk NOW?
Enjoy Our Delicious, made
Southern Pound cakes, Layer cakes, Liquor Cakes, Pies, Cheesecakes, Fruitcakes( Oct-Feb), and MORE! We Bake a taste of the South...from the North.  Your desserts, foods are prepared when you order! We use "only fresh", organic ingredients whenever possible. All "made from scratch", NO mixes! Give Us A call and let us take care of the baking, cooking and catering for you! Limousine Services also available for that special occasion! 
Call Us 24/7 Leave a message for  or Caris or Shiina.
  Organic Vanilla Bean Pound cake Sweet Potato Poundcake                        
 3~layer Pistachio cake w/Pistachio Cream Cheese Frosting Banana Rum Pound CakeCakes & Pies!                  
Lots of Cakes----Yummy
 Pound cakes, Pies, Layer Cakes- "Eat til Your Hearts Desire!"
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