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If it is hard for even a good person to saved, what will happen to the one who is against God and full of sin? Proverbs 11:31   

                                                                               Old-Fashioned 2-Layer Milk Chocolate Iced CC Pound cake 
Milk Chocolate Cream Cheese Poundcake-$36.00Welcome To Lady And A Pies Inc.“Hearty Home Cookin, & Baking ”                                                                                                         
Peach Schnapps Brandy Pound cake 
Peach Schnapp & Apricot Brandy Poundcake-38.00  

22nd Birthday Celebration Cupcakes

Hummingbird Cake
Hummingbird CakeLet Us Cater All Of Your Parties, Reunions, Picnics, Showers, Graduation Affairs, Company Parties & More! 

Buy Your Cakes From US!
Delicious! The Best Homemade Potato Salad Ever!
Delicious Homemade Potato Salad
Have Some Of this Delicious, mouth-watering Potato Salad with those Fall off the Bone "Rib Boss" Barbeque Ribs! Get Yours before Summer Ends! 

Let Us Get the Party started For You! Purchase Your Foods, Cupcakes, Liquor Cakes, Candies, Brownies, & More--Order NOW or If You Forget & Need Something Last Minute---CONTACT US!
Delicious Whole Pig BarbeQUE Dinner for your Guests!
Whole Pig BarbeQ---Brown Sugar Basted & served w/fruit salad, & potato saladLet Us Prepare All Of Your Savory Dinners & Organic Cakes, Cobblers & Pies!   
We Cater All  Affairs, Graduations, Proms, Convention Parties, Boardroom Affairs, Sex Parties (Sexy Girls, Guys or BOTH available), Showers, Receptions, Picnics, Church Affairs & More!
                                NEED A PENIS OR VAGINA? Ask Us!
Delicious Moist, Decadent 12+ inch penis Cake- Feels Lifelike! 
Fondant Cakes Only Ship NEXT DAY AIR!             
Order NOW-Lacey's Fondant Cake Creations~Delicious XXX-Rated, & Specialty Fondant Cakes! She can create Penis's, Vagina's, Tits, Clits, Buttocks & More! (Must be 18+ to Order XXX-rated creations)
Big Pretty Yummy Moist Decadent Penis Cake- Feels REAL!
Penis On A Platter(all colors avail.)
Let Lacey Create Your XXX-Rated Fantasy!
Custom Fondant Cakes
Call: Lacey@800-571-6125                                                                                                        
WE Cater To All Your Needs, Last Minute Emergencies, DON'T PANIC! We Have You Covered!
(Emergencies require EXTRA charges, LIMITED AREA DELIVERIES!)
"Show Your Love With A Delicious Homemade Organic Old-Fashioned Cake From Us!"                                                         
Let's Celebrate with Good Food, Desserts, Drinks, Pretty People
& Parties!
 Order Your Cakes, Let Us Ship or Deliver Them
Let Us Design Your Custom Fondant Cakes! Prices start at $50 & UP!                                                                                                                           
 We Bake 20+ Different Pound Cake Flavors~ All-Organic &/or All Natural!  Delicious & Moist!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
   Delicious Buttery Rum Pound Cake-"This Will Melt In Your Mouth!"
Delicious Buttery151 Rum Pound Cake                                                                                                                                  
    Organic Fresh Lemon Pound cake w/Lemon Glaze                       Organic "Fresh Squeezed" Lemon Pound cake w/Lemon Glaze
                  Let Us Bake Your Graduation, Picnic & More Cakes
L et Us Bake, Cook, Fry or Barbecue Something Delicious for You and Your Guests! We strive to be the best! 
Crave Cupcake's~Ready To Take Your Orders!
Moist & Delicious, Made from Scratch! Order Yours Today!
 Ask About Our NEW Cake Flavors~ "Get Your Buzz On" with a Ciroc Cake or Cupcakes!
 Custom Cakes~ Place Your Orders Now for Holiday Delivery!
Custom Birthday CAKE- GET YOURS TODAY! 
Need Good Elegant Organic Southern Cooking? Last minute OK!
Designed By Lacey---Little Mermaid Custom Cake

Call Us! 
"Let Them All Eat Cake"
         Our Cakes are also Available in Mini-Sizes for ONLY $25.00 each! (Feeds 4-6 guests)                                  
Sander's Caramel Candy cakeLet Us Cater All Of Your Parties!
Chocolate Chicago Pole Dancer Cake
Cherry Chocolate Blue Pecan CakeFresh Granny Smith Apple Pie        
"Warm,comforting, southern desserts & foods reminiscent of the Sunday  dinners at Grandma's house"

10% off All Large (50+) Catered Orders ! (If Paid in Cash)
"Our Passions Are Cooking, Baking & Serving All Of Your Party Needs!"
We NOW Bake Designer Cakes of All Sizes and Styles & Fillings With Delicious Handmade Marshmallow or Butter-cream Fondant~Contact Us & Give Us Your Concept or Let Us Create A Gorgeous Cake For You! (Custom Cakes Designed & Baked By-Lacey)
We Use ONLY Pure Organic Butter, Cream, Eggs, Organic white & wheat flours, Organic Sugar & Fruits in all of our Desserts!
If You See An Item that You want-Let Us send you an Invoice for your item! We Bake/Cook/Fry/Barbeque/
Enjoy a "Taste Of the South...From the North"
XXX-Rated Cakes Baked to Your Order, Let Us Know what Organs, Body Parts You want your cakes baked as! We do any X-rated cakes! Contact Us For these Cakes! 
                                                                                                            Heather's Blue Pearl Cupcakes
Heather's Blue Pearl Cupcakes
Let Us Cater ALL of  Your Parties!
Need Dinner, Cake or Cakes in A Hurry? Call Us~ Delivered the Same Day of Your Call!
Pretty n Pink w/ hand designed cupcakes   We Deliver To Your Workplace Hot, Fresh  Food/Dessert/Soup/Salad--In Time For Lunch!
Old-Fashioned Caramel cake
Guaranteed Good Food & FAST Delivery! Call Us First!
Aged Whiskey Barrel Cake
1-800-571-6125  Or 734-386-9622     
Buy All Of Your Holiday Dinners, Cakes, Pies, Cookies & More From "Lady And A Pies Inc." We Specialize in Delicious, Fresh, Organic and All-Natural Ingredients in Each and Everyone of Our Creations. Everything is made "Fresh To Order---(except for the Fruitcakes) Try Us And Taste the Difference!                                                                                                                 
"We Cater Fresh Foods To YOU!"    
                                  FULL SIZED CAKES~Out of State SHIPPING IS ONLY $11.30  VIA PRIORITY OR BUY 2 or More
                                                             "NOW" Shipping within Michigan is only $14.30"
                         Need Elegant Organic Southern Desserts and Comfort Foods?
          We Deliver Everyday~Holidays Incl.(Holiday Delivery Extra)      
                       Let Us Cater All Of Your  Parties(Deposit req.)
             Old- Fashioned All-Butter Pound cake                                                                          
                                              Buttery Pound Cake
                                                       Contact Shiina @ ext. 103  to place your international orders!
                                                    Commercial Orders Welcome!
                                                                                                 Got A Question/Problem and Need to talk NOW?
Enjoy Our Delicious, made
Southern Pound cakes, Layer cakes, Liquor Cakes, Pies, Cheesecakes, Fruitcakes( Oct-Feb), and MORE! We Bake a taste of the South...from the North.  Your desserts, foods are prepared when you order! We use "only fresh", organic ingredients whenever possible. All "made from scratch", NO mixes! Give Us A call and let us take care of the baking, cooking and catering for you! Limousine Services also available for that special occasion! 
Call Us 24/7 Leave a message for  or Caris or Shiina.
  Organic Vanilla Bean Pound cake Sweet Potato Poundcake                        
 3~layer Pistachio cake w/Pistachio Cream Cheese Frosting Banana Rum Pound CakeCakes & Pies!                  
Lots of Cakes----Yummy
 Pound cakes, Pies, Layer Cakes- "Eat til Your Hearts Desire!"
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